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Flexthink Indusrty for the future - Greece 2019

Successfully completed at 22-5-2019 afternoon, the conference organized by Alpha Motion by the title '' Flexthink – Industry for the future’’ in collaboration with the HMS Network Sweden.  

Theme of the conference was the state of the art automation systems under and for the Industry 4.0, offered by modern digital technology applications IIoT, cloud connectivity, remote control data collection, acquisition , management and monitoring.

Main lecturer was Mr. Yvan Rudjinski (HMS Regional Sales Manger), as well as the executives of Alpha Motion Mr. Kyriazopoulos and Mr.Triantafillou.

EWon's (by HMS) products were presented: cloud software platform Talk2M the Cosy 131 and Flexy 205 router. The conference completed with the practical part, the demonstration of remote controlling devices PLC (Yaskawa), HMI (Exor) & Yaskawa Inverter from PC via router eWon Cosy 131.

Alpha Motion was honored by the presence of friends and partners from all areas of industrial automation
After the end of the conference all participants had the chance to enjoy a nice dinner, and the opportunity to discuss each other, together with Alpha Motion’s staff, to exchange views and experience and to relax with the beautiful view of the enlightened Acropolis offered by the venue.
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